Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Are You Going to Listen?

At an early Saturday morning rally BJ K-Nip whipped an un-expecting crowed into mass hysteria with his oratory brilliance. K-Nip, who’s zeal was fired by the bold, attention-getting move to seize the floor by his fellow Fed-Soc member strode confidently to the podium undeterred by the virtual breakfast buffet trickling down his pants.

K-Nip’s opening statement – My man just fell out of his chair, now are you going to listen to him or not!?- was the shot heard around the world. Ablaze with passion, K-Nip’s booming voice and fierce eyes cut short all who would not heed his earnest entreatments. One unfortunate and unfaithful on-looker caught the full brunt of fury as she tried to resist the allure of the speaker. She was cursed, from that point on, that she will never look like Maryland. Leaving the trembled and humbled in his wake, K-Nip grandly exited the stage to minister to his remaining breakfast.


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