Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Collateral Damage or Direct Fire?

In all intense engagements such as the one in which we find ourselves, the loss of a few souls is unavoidable. We often find out more about the man, (or woman), next to us than we really want to know. Yes, fellow-laborers in Fed-dom, we have lost one of our own. Even as our ranks swelled from the rush of students from work-a-day law schools all over the world, someone close to us has fallen. Amidst the crush of the rising rebellion, despite the devestation of learning that our lack of 'elite-osity' will forever bar us from the prize, we nevertheless focused our rage on the dreaded Ivory Tower above us - the devil bulldog in the first position. How horrible was our regret when we realized our mistake. We had allowed our concentration to slip for a moment and the devils own sidekick, the Crimson, took the life-essence of the beloved heroine, and she became Hanoi Jane.

She was one of us - partook of the comradarie and joy when the Orange Whips were proffered, but did not return to the neon-lit rooms with her friends. Nay, Hanoi has claimed one of W&L's most promising rising stars. Good night Jane, an everlasting goodnight. (close scene)


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