Tuesday, February 24, 2004


Strong - muy fuerte - It doesn't really matter much what language you say it in, the meaning is still the same, we, the Washington and Lee Chapter of the Federalist Society, we are the great ones. We have, who with quiet poise endure Jackasses from the Yale University. We who demand to attend at least 15% of the panels at every conference we attend. We my friends are muy fuerte.

Was Harvard there, in the middle of the late night fray at Stages, defending the fine Nicole, helping the old man off the ground, and getting ready to sucker punch anyone within striking distance? Did we have to pull the president of any other chapter away from the fight, kicking and screaming obscenities? And when the fighting was over, when the lights came on, who, I demand a response, who was there when the dust settled down, leaning against the bar, drinking the last tequila of the night? W& give 'em Hell.

My friends, the strong team is made up of strong individuals. Who else was headed to an after party at 5a.m. with a 12 pack tucked gently under his arm, and yet was there minuets before 7 a.m. ready for the drive home? Was it Notre Dame? No. Who else can make so smooth a recovery after they have been violently ejected from their diner stool? Did Harvard have smarts to get the room that overlooked the Platinum Showcase? The home of the most beautiful dancers in all of Nashville? No, if they were so smart why did we get the sweet rooms? My friends no one else drank more, fought more, got more play, intimidated more people, offended more people, and made their belligerent presence known more than we ….

Washington and Lee Chapter of the Federalist Society - STRONG


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