Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Matt's Attack

While I agree that Matt's offensive postings were merited, I am not as excited about him using the Fed. Soc. emailing list to disseminate his disclaimer. I am even less enamored with the continued use of the list by others encouraging him. I personally sympathize with what he's doing, but you're not helping him draw the distinction between his acts and those of the Society by sending everyone emails about how how wonderful he is for doing this.
I have already been accosted twice by members who are considering dropping out of the Society and other 'hangers on' who are not members but usually support us on things. While you can say that it is fine to weed out the 'weak links' it still reduces our numbers and lessens the broad support you guys have worked so hard to achieve here. I would suggest keeping the hard core conspiring to those of us who we know are sympathetic and won't lose perspective over the whole thing. Anyway, think about it.


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