Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Matt’s Stand

I want to thank Matt for having the courage to follow his conviction. I am tired of having to walk on eggs and worry about what the left thinks. This is not an "attack" this is a stand, it is a statement. Not everything contrary to the left's position is an attack.

If we are the Federalist Society we are for open and public debate. One of our members should not have to sensor what he says out of fear of other members dropping out because they are offended. This is against everything that Fed Society stands for. The liberals do not get to set the rules about what is an appropriate topic for comment or how that topic should be commented on. The Federalist Society was formed so that we could have protection in an open and honest debate, not so we would have to fear that an open and honest debate would offend some of our own members.

Matt has a right to do what he is doing. He used the members list to make it obvious to everyone that the posters were not associated with the Fed Soc. If people cannot understand this, then they are willfully misunderstanding this because it was very clear in his open and honest e-mail. If people are mad because someone used the Fed Soc list to say that the Fed Soc had no part in the hanging of these posters, then these people are lunatics.

If we are going to worry that people may not like the Fed Soc because one of our members did something, that is approved by the school’s policy, and not in any way associated with the Society itself, we are in the wrong Society.

Members are not more important than open and honest debate.


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