Sunday, April 18, 2004

War? Resistance? You've got to be kidding...

D-Rock - While the major networks may be dominated by unacknowledged liberal bias, I don’t think the country is populated by a majority blind to that bias. And as you acknowledge, voices from the other side are widely read and heard.
But when you imply that right wing pundits are waging war on some kind of grand liberal conspiracy to silence conservative views, some contrary facts must be acknowledged. First, conservatives are not the "resistance." Bush is the friggin' President. His appointed people run the Executive. His party controls both houses. The vast majority of his judicial appointments have been approved. Yes, certain nominees have been held up, but the filibusters are no more than unfortunate political grandstanding that energizes the faithful on both sides while more and more conservative jurists quietly take the oath. Conservative views are in clear ascendance, hyperbolic references to war against the liberal elite notwithstanding. You're right that it is a constant struggle, and it will continue - but "war"?
By the way if the liberal "elite" is in control of the media, what does that make the conservatives pundits and publications: "commoners, plebeians, rabble, or riffraff"? (courtesy of
The comment on law students – you may be right. I guess I'm just not that intimidated.

That's enough. I've got exams.


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