Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Outlaw J-RAD inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame

Just one year after becoming only the second Montana State Fighting Bobcat ever inducted into The College Football Hall Of Fame, J-RAD took his rightful place of honor beneath THE KING in The Country Music Hall of Fame last Friday. AP Correspondent D.U. Hootch covered this monumental event:

"Infamous Country outlaw J-RAD arrived at the Hall covered with prison tatoos and bar scars, looking mighty tired and mean, covered with grease from his head to his feet an' cussin' the sweat and the Texas heat ... an' the 'skeeters. Said he was proud to be inducted into the Hall at last, but said it probably wasn't worth all he had to kill to get it. Drinkin' Pearl from a can and Jack Daniels black, chewin' tobacco from a mail pouch sack, he got drunk and mean as a rattlesnake before long, and there wasn't much that he would take from a Yalie. After cussing out Shania Twain for ruining all that was good and true about country music and kicking Billy Ray in the crotch, J-RAD stumbled to the mike and told a stunned audience:

"I seen the grand ole opry, and I met Jonny Cash (when my Daddy sued him in Missouri for not payin' for his HVAC). If that ain't country, I'll kiss your ass."


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