Monday, March 01, 2004

Gay Propaganda. What the...?

What's up with all the new Pink Beret propaganda? The fliers don't advertise an event and are "approved" to remain up through May 1st.

I guess Gaylaw just wanted to publicize a current events issue that they have a strong opinion on.

I was under the impression that mouthing off with your personal political views was restricted to the free speech board. What happened? Are we to deduce that non-event, semester-long, issue ads of any political/ideological bent may now be plastered throughout the law school?

If so, I'm ready to hang my graphic anti-abortion photos, unabashed proclamations that the Truth is only found in Christianity, condemnation of homosexual acts as twisted perversions, declarations that the NAACP, the NEA, the Teamsters, and the ABA are all leftist terrorist organizations, ... ok, ok, you get the idea.

I still have a really big balance on my print account....and I'm not afraid to use it.

Got Diversity?


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