Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Posting Guidelines

Wedged in today's misformatted law notices, is an announcement that the SBA voted 9-0 last night to change the posting guidelines. I'm disturbed that this action was taken without any prior notice and opportunity to address the SBA on the issue. Comments?


Lara JacobsSBA Posting Guidelines
The SBA adopted the following posting guidelines at its meeting last
night, by a 9-0 vote.

Bylaw 10 : Posting Guidelines (Adopted 3/16/04)

Section 10.01 : Recognized Law School Organizations
1. Shall be permitted to post a maximum of fifteen (15) posters for
each event, and a total of thirty (30) posters maximum at any one time.
2. Such posters shall be event specific and shall be posted for a
maximum duration of twenty-eight (28) days.
3. Postings shall be permitted on:
(A) Any designated bulletin boards
(B) The staircase leading from the student parking lot, including the
glass windows and the doors that lead into and out of this staircase.
The double wooden doors that lead to Classroom A
All Carrels
The door at the bottom of the staircase leading down from the Main
Reading Room
The double wooden doors near the SBA Free Speech Board
The TV Area
4. Postings shall not be permitted:
(A) On any other windows
(B) On any painted surfaces
(C) In the Moot Court Lobby Area
(D) In the Moot Court Lobby Hallway
(E) In the Computer Lab Hallway
(F) On the 4th Floor, except in designated Posting Areas
(G) On any restroom door or within any restroom
(H) In or around any classroom entrance, including the
classroom hallways
(I ) On any organization board where such posting is not
expressly permitted by that organization
(J) On the SBA free speech board

Section 10.02 : Registered Law School Students
1. Shall be permitted to post on any designated bulletin board
including the SBA free speech board and on their own personal carrel.

Section 10.03 : Non Law School Individuals and Organizations
1. Signs must be approved and date stamped by the Library Circulation
Desk before posting.
2. Signs may only be posted on designated bulletin boards.
3. Signs may not be posted on student carrels, library doors or the
SBA free spee

(the rest must have been cut off)


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