Thursday, March 25, 2004

The Shameless Eleven

So, the Senate finally passed the bill making the killing of a fetus during a violent crime a separate offense. The final vote was 61-38. But the actual vote was much closer, Feinstein had introduced an amendment that was a substitute...the key provision was essentially the exact opposite of the bill being considered. That amendment was only defeated by a vote of 50-49.

What does that mean? In short, 11 Senators were against this bill and tried to kill it, but were too ashamed to let their constituents find out about their real position. It's a reverse Kerry: "I only voted against it before I voted for it."

The Hall of Shame (Senators not willing to let their real preferences be shown to the voters):

Specter, Daschle, Carper, Bingaman, Rockefeller, Landrieu, Dorgan, Pryor, Dayton, Conrad, Reid.


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