Monday, March 01, 2004

Conservative Activism.

Why don't we entertain conservative activism? I would like to post pictures of aborted babies. I would also like to display in large block type statements from abortionists whose procedures have gone off with a hitch, resulting in the birth of live, premature babies who slowly died in wretched agony over many hours while their unformed lungs gasped for air.

I'll also buy aborted babies, still attached to the placenta and in fermaldahyd, from science supply companies. I'll place them in the display case.

Speaking of the display case, has anyone noticed that the BLSA posted a picture every black person of note from the guy who invented peanut butter to the lady who started selling lipstick door to door in the 1930's, but did not post a picture of my favorite Justice Thomas? I guess he doesn't compare to the man who did the obvious and ground up peanuts (that's so different from flour, corn meal, etc.) and the woman who figured out you can sell stuff by going door to door. Or is it just view point discrimination? DJ_Tax


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