Thursday, March 04, 2004

Loss of Members

It is true that we have lost some "members" as a result of the use of our e-mail list to talk about Matt's postings. Having talked to some of these people, it was not just Matt's postings nor his use of the list that resulted in their request to be removed from the list. Their reasoning, in part, was that the e-mail list which is normally used to inform members about events and membership benefits was being used more like a blog. This is one of the reasons we started a blog.

Regardless of that, the people I talked to said that they long ago decided that the Federalist Society was not for them, but this particular event just made them realize that they were on the mailing list. They, therefore, asked to be removed. That is fine, and we should honor their request. And, we should definitely not blame Matt or anyone else who used the e-mail list for losing these people. The truth is, we lost them awhile ago.


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