Friday, April 02, 2004

What color is your parachute?

Well, W&L is down to "23" in US News this year. I, for one, am not optimistic for a turn-around....but then again, I wouldn't have ranked us in the "Top 25" in the first place. Notre Dame now scores ahead of us, and we're barely ahead of William & Mary, which has broken into the 20s.

But mark my words, George Mason will be the #2 law school in VA within the next 10 years. The school has only been around for about 30 years, moved into the top tier in 2002, and is already at 38 in US News (moving up 10 spots in two years). If you go by the educational quality rankings, they already rank ahead of us.

I'm less sure about who #3 will be ... but W&M certainly has a better recent historical trend than we do.

As always, my big question for the administration is why they think our niche for making this school successful is trying to sell Lexington as some sort of Greenwich Village in the VA mountains. It just doesn't work. W&L is a shoe-in to successfully promote itself as THE conservative, country law school, steeped in tradition, gentlemanly conduct, honor, government service, American pie, and wrapped in the flag.

Of course our current faculty and administration would rather eat crow than see the school become successful by those means....


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