Monday, March 08, 2004

Posters Round #2

These will probably be torn down by the time you get back to school ... so here's an FYI of what I posted (again) today next to all of the GayLaw propaganda:


Dear Classmates,

This is my second attempt to inject some ideological balance into the Gays in the Military debate. My first posters didn’t last 12 hours in this community of tolerance before being torn down.

Look, I’m not a fan of ideological posters plastering our entire law school either … but if the administration is going to encourage the Licentious Left to post their talking points everywhere, then conservatives have an equal right to post their position on issues of social concern and to not have them torn down by those who simply disagree with their politics.

GayLaw takes the position that homosexuals are being wronged by their exclusion from military service. My personal posters are meant to highlight the fact that this supposed “wrong” was extensively debated by the U.S. Congress just 10 years ago and found utterly vapid. The determination that homosexuals may not serve in the military was codified in 1993 by a VETO-PROOF, BIPARTISAN MAJORITY of Congress (when the DEMOCRATIC PARTY CONTROLLED BOTH CHAMBERS & THE PRESIDENCY -- there’s no use blaming nutty right-wingers for this one!).

So let’s be clear on who is “way out of the mainstream” (as Senate Dems like to say) on this issue.

Posted by Ryan Berry, ‘04L
Captain, USAFR

P.S. Slapping a “former” on my rank is insulting. I am an officer in the Reserves and can be recalled to active duty at any time at the pleasure of the President and without the imposition of the draft. I’ve been ready for that phone call every day of law school since 9/11.

Please do not remove until 5-1-04 (or whenever our ideological debates are once again restricted to the “free speech board”)


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